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Friday, April 8, 2011

cuppie cakes

i made cupcakes this past week. i had left over egg white from the cake i made for my grandparents anniversary. they were SO good! really! kim, the cafe manager, asked me for the recipe. that made me smile. it would have been even more awesome if i had made the recipe myself. haha. but unfortunately, it was from martha stewart DOT COM. not a fan of hers (her ideas -- yes) her -- no. i won't go into that opinon.

i made an amazing buttercream frosting. fluffy, and an awesome consistency. i let my hubby take a bunch to work and i brought a bunch to work and shared with my fellow dietetics students. it made me happy to know that they like my baking. boosts my self esteem a little.

i ate one of the cupcakes... right now i'm wishing i had saved some for the hubbs and i to eat. but i can always make more. mmmmm. good.

my man is thinking i'm doing something naughty right now since he doesn't see this blog. =) he's so cute.

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